Best affiliate program just went private

I can tell you one thing and that is that writing about girls pays much more then writing about blogs. It is no wonder that the adult websites are leading the way on the internet. If it was not for the adult media much of the internet we have today would not be here.

One of the best affiliate programs that is on the market is AWE because they made there affiliate program private. That means that nobody can join if they are not referred by someone else. They also give you payment in two tiers so if your affiliate recommends somebody you will get money from him as well.

The banners and video toys you can find in their affiliate section are endless and I never seen so many banners. You can also ask questions in the webmaster forum and they also give away free advice and scripts from time to time.

So take my advice and join the best affiliate program on the market and if you do not want to promote the adult section they also have cam girls that only talk.

* Make as much as 36% on referred webmasters’ earnings right from the start.
* PLUS get up to 18% on all new webmasters’ earnings they refer.
* PLUS get up to 18% on all new cam models’ earnings they refer.

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