Blogger Wave give it up and close your site

Some companies should not even bother to try to start up something before it is finished. I wrote about (I won’t even link to them this time.)

In the word of “Get Paid to blog” you really need advertisers because they will pay you. You don’t have worry about the bloggers they will come if you just have advertisers or a venture capital company that hand you a couple of mile like PPP had.

I added my blogs a week ago and still not a single email from them and I tried to add my blog a few times and all I get is from their database that my record already exits and yes thank you for telling me but that is no news for me buddy.

If you have nothing new that will kick Pay Per Post of their feet don’t even dreaming of becoming the next Pay Per Blog master because PPP have won the fight so far with knockout after knockout.

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