Donate a car to help children with car angel

Drug is a thing which has caused many problems to the social since a long time ago. It can be a root of any kinds of violence situations and any problems; the sad news is that there are many children and teenagers who are addicted to the drugs due to the suggestions from the friends, curiosity, divorced parents, lonely, desperate and others.

There is an organization who realize in this problem and need to do something to help children to be away from drugs because they realize that drug is the root of many problems and cause children who are the future of the country to die. The organization creates children’s animation and anti-drugs documentaries and gives them to the children in the form of free children’s DVDs. All documentaries and animation are made by using money from car donations. Or you can say, the organization can run by getting the money from people who donate a car to the organization.

If anyone would like to do something good for the children and the society, please donate your unwanted cars to the organization in order to have more DVDs to let the children know the dangerous of the drugs. Many helps from many people can let the children have bright future.

We all have to realize the dangerous of the drugs and we should spread the words to the children and teenager who are in the high risk to take drugs because they have curiosity feeling and want to be accepted among the friends which are all the wrong thinking. As an adult, I think we should preserve the children the moral and the harm of the drugs before it’s too late.

You might think you can’t help much but if they don’t have a person like you who have a good feeling to do good thing to the society, they will not be able to help the children and the organization will not even exist.

You can make your own society to be a better society.

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