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First up to review is they are one of the few that have work coming almost every week at least. The post pays about 5 $ for each post of 100 words with only one link inside. There is no need for pictures or tracking links just one single link that have to be permanent for 1 year at least.

They have a secret rating system and ban and accept blogs almost in random. So check in to your account often to see if your blog is still there.

Blogitive will not send you emails for new openings of work you need to log in and check and then accept a work. After you accept the post you have 48 hours to write something and if you don’t you risk getting banned.
Blogitive most unique features is the get paid directory were I guess people should ad the links for a price you can set your self. The directory is an easy plug in for WordPress blog systems. The idea is great but I have not got any links for 5 month and now I saw both my blogs have been Permanently Rejected in the directory, no idea why.

Blogitive does currently not have an Affiliate program there is something fuzzy on the first page about getting paid to recommend friends but it does not say how.

Blogitive is an ok get paid to blog system, they pay you on time with Pay Pal, it is easy to understand the tasks and they have a fast customer service.

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  2. To be permanent for 1 year at least sounds kinda long. Others are paying almost the same but for 30 days.

  3. the best for me is socialspark. 1. no need to get your own domain 2. opps come almost everyday 3. support site is great and prompt 4. very easy requirements 5. can get to meet friends 6. transaction is easy 7. not a lot of words required. disadvantage here: recently, most opps are being offered to US bloggers so my tip (cheat) would be to register your address as a US address

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