Getting paid for blogging

Some people have asked if blogging and making money is dead. Well I would say the Pay Per Post short period of easy money is dead. Google kicked back all the blogs that ever associated with Pay Per Post that few of them would ever write anything for Pay Per Post ever again.

But you can still write articles for private companies or a few paid post or links here and there Google won’t mind or at least they won’t find out about it. Just make sure you text is about something that you normally would write on your blog and not something that is totally out of line.

Then you always have Google Adsense off course the back bone of all bloggers income and they will never let you down. They keep paying you on time month after month and you can really relay on them.

So it is not too late to get paid to blog just go out there and find a nich that people not covered yet and write your heart out.

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