Got the invite to try Social Spark Alpha

Finally I got the email from IZEA (Pay Per Post) that I been waiting for. I got the Alpha key to test the system. Maybe because I am one of the old members I do not know but I guess so.

The new system has some features I not yet understand but people have already started add me as a friend so I guess the more friends you have the better. I have waited for 3 days to get my blog approved but once that settled I will start checking around

The new thing that IZEA want to point out is

1.All links are no-follow, fully search engine compliant and must carry in-post disclosure.
2. SocialSpark offers display ads as well as Sponsored Posts.
3. Greatly expanded reporting capabilities and blog analytics.
4. Ability to have bloggers or advertisers initiates a transaction.
5. Social networking tools to foster communities and conversation.

I guess the first item is to please Google PageRank and hopefully Google will stop punishing users that write for money.

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