Share Pictures and get paid

Share Pictures and get paid

If you just have loads of pictures in your hard drive that you want to share with others then the Share a Picture website can make you some extra bucks.
I used if for a few days and sure I have not made a dollar yet but it is not that much work, just upload pictures to the site and start making money.

I also used the picture for my product review website but I am going to stop doing that since the Share a Picture website is not really stable yet. There is also problem with the customer service nobody really answer your questions and the help section leaves much to ask for.

If you have an Adsense account you can give them that as well but since you can put a channel to track your clicks I do not know how that is going to work out. So far I have not got a single cent from that.

If you only want to upload picture and share on Facebook or Myspace this is a fun way to make money but for serious bloggers you have to wait a while to the system gets stable.

My guess is that the owner of this company is hopping for a quick buy out from one of the big once, don’t we all.

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  1. I use shareapics also. I love it to be honest, the approval for pictures is quick, and you may not make a fortune but you do earn decent money. Of course if you upload the photos for your blog, and it becomes popular you can easily get the pay out!

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