Stay in the closet a bit more by getting a Facebook girlfriend

Are you not yet ready to flaunt your sexual orientation just yet but you are running out of excuses as to why you still never had a girlfriend? Get the Thai beach babe to be your girlfriend for only $5. Have all your Facebook friends see how manly you are as your Thai beach babe of a girlfriend posts you the most alluring and sweetest things depending on how you would like it, it could even be sensual if you want to.

For $5, you get to stall confessing that it really is not women that you want but men. By how hot the Thai beach babe is, no one would doubt your sexual orientation. She will put her own Facebook relationship status to in a relationship, engaged or even married depending on how you want it and link it to yours as a proof that you really have something going on. With $5, you get to keep your “manhood” for 7 days. It surely is not a high price to pay if it would mean being able to stall for a few week, months or even years if you really intend to stay in the closet.

Check out your future saving grace at and see how much of an effective and gorgeous cover up the Thai beach babe is for your sexual orientation. Jut be very humble about it though once availing her services. With her looks, people who have thought all their lives that you are gay would ask questions if you flaunt too much. Just keep it on the down low but make sure everyone knows that you have a really hot Thai beach babe that could not take her hands off of you. Make sure you have a brief story to back it up as well, it always helps.

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