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The good thing is that it very easy to get started and you can almost submit any blog to the program. They will search the blog for PageRank, Alexa and others things to evaluate how much money you can ask for the advertisers.

You can then log in and seek advertisers they have set a big from 10 – 20 dollar for example. If only gave you a maximum of 5 dollar you can not bid on this one. If you already have been declined once you can ask advertisers to consider another blog and they have to say yes or no to that offer as well.

If the offers are approved you get an email from and then you have 7 days to complete it and post it on the website. You will also get an email if the offers are declined.

There are many offers almost as many as Pay Per Post but the offers are in the system for a long time. You only need to keep the reviews for 30 days but if you keep on deleting the post the will surely kick you out.

The problem with the system is that it very long time to click on all the links and you need to click on a pop up window as well. You might spend an hour just clicking on offers and then you get 99 % declined. There is no date on when the offers was entered system so you have to bid from page 1 until tell you already bid on this review.

There is no affiliate program on this program but feel free to donate on my site if this blog post made you money 🙂

Or you can review the post and get paid for it

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