Movie producers file piracy law suits for money

Let’s get real. From all the sources we could find in the internet, movies that are not just so promising and yet we feel we could still burn time for do not really deserve the bucks and effort to go to movie houses for especially if we could simply download them and be able to watch them whenever and wherever we like them, no matter how many times we’d love to.

Obviously in this day and age, it is the youth who are majorly getting the advantages of the internet. Although the adults are not really getting left behind, we must admit that it is the youth who are really hogging all the juices of it especially the shady ones such as illegal downloading or internet piracy.
As a result, it can be argued that majority of the ones who download movies from the internet are teenagers who probably do not have the money to burn for a movie night every week or maybe more. Because of this, it is also very possible that these children do not really know the gravity of what they are doing and how much trouble they could get in for by downloading these movies.

While governments and organizations work hand in hand to fight piracy, some movie productions especially the small ones use the anti piracy law to generate money that their movies would never be able to garner by filing lawsuits against the illegal downloaders who are mostly children.
While what these movie productions are doing are clearly legal, the real motive and moral behind them are very questionable. As of late, it is very obvious that these movie productions are mooching money from these downloaders that they know their movies cannot give for them. It does then come out as if the law suits are not being filed to get justice but to generate income which is just plain immoral. How does this make them different from the pirates?

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Get income from writing

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