Google punish blogs that use they who can not be named to zero

According to “they who can not be named” Google is targeting people that are getting “tea money” for writing about other companies on their blogs.

TWCNBN are creating an R E A L R A N K instead of Google own PageRank since the value of the Rank has lost its value to TWCNBN advertisers and bloggers.

According to TWCNBN sources inside Google have searched for keywords in blogs such as GxExT PxAxIxD TxO BxLxOxG or SxPxOxNxSxOxRxExD PxOxSxT and last night many of the fell from PageRank4 to an absolute zero.

The sad fact is that “big” blogs that lick Google feet or have a foot in Google valley but enough sponsors to cover Africa’s hunger has not gotten punished.

The irony is that many bloggers from TWCNBN has now taken off Adsense from the blogs and selling Google stocks and the Google stock is falling with the PageRank.

Google has now gone from the “good guys” like Apple and Linux to be associated with other “Evil” like Microsoft that use their Monopoly to control the world.

For this blog everything all hope is lost anyway just the name of this blog will make Google kick me down in the black sandbox and never let me see the light of PageRank 1 ever again.

Alta Vista come back we miss you!

If you not to scared you can review this post and get rice for it

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